Our Mission

REFLECT REIMAGINE RESILIENCE COACHING is dedicated to empowering individuals, groups and businesses to breakthrough barriers and thrive in uncertainty.  

Our vAlues

With our facilitators, including the horses, and our clients, we walk these heart guided values

  • Stay present

  • Stay curious

  • Remain open to outcome

  • Embody empathy and compassion

  • Respect diversity and human dignity

  • Create a safe, non-judgmental, confidential space

  • Allow and create unbiased exploration of possibilities

  • We believe each individual has the right answer for themselves given an environment of discoveryWe

  • Nurture cooperation and collaboration

  • Facilitate long lasting learning through experience

my story

In 2003, I discovered horses had a lot more going for them than the ride. A neighbor invited me to watch newly learned natural horsemanship skills. Owners and their horses were running, walking, backing in partnership without lead ropes or halters. Horses were loving being with their owners of their own free will. In that moment I realized, horses can enjoy a untethered, loving relationship with humans. This started my decades long journey exploring and integrating natural horsemanship principles into my life and my herd.  


Natural horsemanship principles replaced the predatory narrative: "horses must be shown who’s boss" or "man must dominate the horse" with the narrative "place your heart in your hand to build a strong, trusting, dynamic partnership". In this narrative, both the human and the horse have accountability and responsibility for 100% of their half of the relationship. I realized how natural horsemanship principles transformed human horse relationships and how the same principles transformed my life in every aspect. These lessons inspired me to pursue natural horsemanship certification, business and personal development coaching certification through Equine Experiential Education Association, E3A, and then certification as a horse specialist in EAGALA. 

Several years ago, my life as I knew it forever changed. My 20 year marriage ended. I had to restructure and train replacements to take over my roles in the business my husband and I had built together. My youngest child graduated from high school. Our family home, filled with decades of memories, sold. Empty nest took on a whole new meaning.  Doors sealed shut. There was no going back and no clear direction forward.


My world was swirling in the ethereal darkness of the unknown. I had no clue where home was in this alienated place. It was like a scene from the movie, The Never Ending Story. The world had been consumed by the "Nothing". Every attempt the lead character made to save it ended in vain. All that remained was one grain of sand and the omnipresent black void. All that was precious to him was lost. He felt overwhelming sadness, despair, failure. However, in his vulnerability, he was guided to realize that within the one grain of sand, he could create a world he loved once again.


Similarly, my grain of sand held all that I loved and the opportunity to reimagine. As I cocooned in self reflection, I explored my limiting beliefs and mindfully chose forgiveness, empathy and compassion. Going through this grueling discovery sparked my desire to support others in transformation. I am here to support you in building resilience in this constantly changing world.

Our team

Machel Jordan

Resilience Life Coach 

Machel is passionate about helping individuals, groups, and organizations-locally and globally-to thrive in an uncertain world. As a licensed HeartMath® coach and certified equine assisted learning facilitator, Machel incorporates HeartMath® techniques and technologies with equine assisted learning activities accessing deeper levels of heart focused personal resilience, creativity, insight and health. She is the founder  of Reflect Reimagine Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Consultants in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 


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