Our Mission

To engage individuals, groups and businesses through equine-assisted experiences combined with HeartMath® techniques and technologies optimizing discovery of beliefs, behaviors and patterns, mindful interpretation, integrating empowering choices, and through this-intentional transformation supporting thriving lives and successful businesses.

Our vAlues

With our facilitators, including the horses, and our clients, we walk these heart guided values

  • Create a safe, non-judgmental, confidential space  

  • Embody empathy and compassion

  • Respect diversity, human dignity

  • Stay present

  • Stay curious

  • Remain open to outcome

  • Support personal empowerment

  • Nurture connection to each other through cooperation and collaboration

  • Facilitate long lasting learning through experience

  • Allow and create unbiased exploration of possibilities

Our story

In 2003, Machel was one of three career women, who dearly loved their horses, that came together for three years of Sundays-taking the time to explore natural horsemanship. One woman was a natural horsemanship trainer and Machel was one of two students. The predatory narrative, horses must be shown who’s boss, was replaced with a new narrative, place your heart in your hand to build a strong, trusting, dynamic relationship-a partnership. In this new narrative, both the human and the horse have accountability and responsibility for their 100% of 50% of the relationship respectfully. They learned everything we do means something, be present in the moment, breathe, embody empathy, compassion, trust, clear intention, clear focus and release. They were continuously giddy with inspiration, curiosity, gratitude and noticed how this experience instilled a coherent grounding. Because of these enlightening discoveries through the horse, Machel pursued and earned Parelli Natural Horsemanship Certification.  In addition, she studied with numerous other Natural Horsemanship Trainers.


These primal human-horse principles translated into positively transforming all aspects of their lives. Inspired by this discovery, they wanted to take this to the world-individuals, groups, businesses. From this impassioned place, they desired creating a model; however, their trainer believed a model must already exist. So, instead of reinventing the wheel, she explored EAL programs. Through comprehensive research, she found E3A, Equine Experiential Education Association, which contained most of the key principles they wanted to share. Eventually, each woman was E3A certified and as an aside, EAGALA, Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association, certified.  


Several years ago, Machel's life as she knew it, changed forever. Her marriage ended, her youngest child graduated from high school and began college, her family home was sold, and her second long term career as a veterinary practice manager ended. The doors were sealed shut. No going back. Machel's world was swirling in the ethereal darkness of the unknown. She had no clue where home was in this alienated world. It was like a scene from the movie, The Never Ending Story. Atreyu’s world had been consumed by the nothing. Every attempt he had made to save his world was in vain. All that remained was one grain of sand, the Childlike Empress and the omnipresent black void. Atreyu was devastated he had failed, but then, the Childlike Empress shared that with the one grain of sand, he could create a world of all he loved once again. Similarly, Machel's grain of sand held the love for her sons, family, friends, and her horses. In this new beginning, she cocooned in personal reflection, peeling through layers upon layers of what was. Through mindful choices of forgiveness, compassion, curiosity, and self empowerment, she reinvented her world complete with an inspired career packed full of her life time of knowledge and skill sets. 


These pivotal stories, a heart felt journey of discovery through horses and the metaphorical Never Ending Story, have informed the basis of Reflect Reinvent EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) Consultants, LLC. We are here to support all in the constant of change.

Our team

Machel Jordan

Life Coach 

Business Consultant

Machel is passionate about helping individuals, groups, and organizations-locally and globally-to thrive in an uncertain world through accessing deeper heart connection. As a licensed HeartMath® coach and certified equine assisted learning facilitator, Machel incorporates HeartMath® techniques and technologies with equine assisted learning activities breaking through to greater levels of heart informed coherence in personal resilience, creativity, insight and health. She is the founder and principal consultant of Reflect Reinvent Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Consultants in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 


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